New Odessa College Athlete Checklist

Admissions Application

The admissions application process is the beginning of your academic and athletic career at Odessa College. Now that you are committed to being a Wrangler, it's time for you to start this exciting process!

Go to: Future Students and click the printable application if possible. 

*We have found it to be much more efficient for you to mail, fax, or scan/email the application directly back to us. This allows us to walk the application over and hand-deliver it to the exact person who needs it.

Mail to: 

Your Head Coach's Name

Your Sport

201 W. University 432-335-6304

Odessa, TX 79764

There is no admissions application fee, so this process must happen immediately as you will need your student ID to take placement tests.


The first step in getting you enrolled in your classes at Odessa College is the taking of a placement test called the TSI (Texas Success Initiative). This test can be taken at an approved local testing center/college near you if you follow these steps:

Click here: Pre-Assessment and take the short pre-assessment test.

*** You will need your ID # to do this, so if you have not submitted your application for admissions and received your ID # yet, you cannot do this test yet. ***

Next you will need to call the Odessa College testing center and ask for Roxanne Frausto at 432-335-6604 or can call the testing center directly at 432-335-6620. Tell them that you are calling in regards to setting up the TSI test in your hometown area. They will ask you a few questions to find out the closest testing site. Let them know that you are an incoming freshman for the softball team and you will be with OC starting this fall.

*If you scored well on your SAT/ACT please let the testing center know your scores as you may be exempt from taking all or some of the TSI.*

The test is $29 and information about the test can be found by clicking here: Texas Success Intiative 

This test is mandatory before you can enroll in any classes. Once you have completed the test your results will go on your profile and we will be able to get you registered in the schedule that not only works best for you, but also our practice, game, and study hall times.

Please take this test serious. Any of the classes that you see on the page above that have a 0 as the first number are considered developmental classes and are in place to help you work up to the level of success that you must reach in order to earn your Associates Degree from Odessa College. Very few colleges, if any, will accept developmental classes when you transfer to the 4-year university level, so it is very important to put a good effort into this test. Call me with questions.


Upon graduation from high school, you need to request that your official transcripts be sent to Odessa College. They must have your graduation date on them or we will have to have your high school send them again.

Odessa College

C/O Your coach's name

Your sport

201 W. University

Odessa, TX 79764

It is vital that your coach?s name be put on this envelope. This is the hardest thing for our very busy transcript department to keep track of year in and year out. The best way for us to make sure all is done correctly is to receive the transcripts and personally walk them over to your advisor.

College Transcripts

If you have taken courses from any other college, you will need to request that they send official transcripts as well in the same manner as above. This includes dual credit courses you may have taken while you were in high school.


You will be rooming with members of your same sport. We will assign the rooms with some input from you. We have already reserved the number of rooms we need for next year, now we need you to do your part.

Click here: Student Housing and click on the application link. You will need to print this link and fill out the application and send it via fax, scan and email, or mail to us. The housing application has a fee of $50 and a security deposit of $200.

Bacterial Meningitis

It is a state law that every student must have record of receiving the Bacterial Meningitis vaccine before moving into the dorms. This is not optional. The link below will give you information on this vaccine. There is a 10 day incubation period meaning you must have gotten it at least 10 days before you arrive in Odessa to move-in.

Click here:  Vaccinations 


Insurance and medical forms

Go to and click Inside Athletics, then Athletic Trainers. On that page you will find the Medicial Packet  that you need to complete and get back to your head coach as soon as possible.