The $8 Million, 110,000 sq. ft. OC Sports Center is Home to Wrangler Athletics and Community Recreation. 

Inside the Sports Center, there is a Main Gym where the Wrangler Women's Volleyball and Women's and Men's basketball teams compete; as well as a community gym called the ICA Community Gym.  There are two Wrangler Athletic Weight Rooms, two indoor batting cages, a swimming pool, racquetball courts, a community weight room as well as an indoor track and cardio/fitness center.  There is a full time athletic trainer on site, with a nice training room in the basement (next to the main gym floor.)  There are numerous offices for Wrangler Athletics Coaching Staff and Sports Center staff, as well as locker rooms and concession stand areas.

OC Sports Center Main Gym

ICA Community Gym

OC Wrangler Club Room (Booster Club)

OC Athletic Training/Sports Medicine

Swimming Pool 


OC Rodeo Ranch (Graham Center)